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It is not strange for us to bring a feature like this. French Death Metal act NECROWRETCH called our attention a few years ago when they released their debut album, Putrid Death Sorcery (2013), exhuming a killer and violent Death Black Metal feeling. Back then, our reaction ended in a two-pages interview feature in our printed issue #31.

Nowadays, and after a few releases, NECROWRETCH has proved again to have a strong conviction in their minds: “The determination, fight ‘til Death attitude”, as Vlad (founder member) himself confirms.

This new opus, Satanic Slavery, represents not only a new studio album, but their strongest to date. It also marks the beginning of a new relationship with the French label Season Of Mist.

It’s up to you guys to open your eyes and get familiar with this absolutely killer and savage moniker which sooner or later, will be in the big leagues of Satan.

I sent a bunch of questions to Vlad (guitar/voc).

 By Andrés Padilla


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First of all, I must admit that it is quite sure that after the conception of NECROWRETCH, the UG extreme death metal vibe will be resurrected finally. I don’t recall a killer band like yours since the first time I heard the early stuff of MASSACRA. I am sure you are quite excited about how things have turned out for your band. Tell us about your impressions about the last years for the band. 

Vlad: Infernal hails ! Ten years ago, we would have never thought that the band was going to achieve all of this…. I was just playing death metal riffs and trying to record a first demo… And one decade has passed since then, with many releases, shows, tours in many countries, thousands of copies sold… Everything was done, yet everything is still there to achieve! Necrowretch music has proved that we can defy any extreme metal act in terms of songwriting; the next step is to defy any band on stage!

Do you think the current Death Metal scene in France is way different when compared back to 10 years ago?

Vlad: Yes, because in 2008, the metal was only about brutal technical core metal…. And nowadays a lot of bands are playing old school death, thrash and heavy metal. I think people were bored of the technical stuff and got back to the roots of metal… Also, France always had a strong black metal scene, but we’re not connected to it in any way.

What is the strongest point of NECROWRETCH, both musical and lyrically speaking?

Vlad : The will! The determination, this “fight till death” attitude we had since day one. I think this point is much more important than anything in the music of Necrowretch.

Satanic Slavery represents your new step forward. How do you feel about this record? Satisfied about how it came out?

Vlad : This is definitely the best material we’ve ever done. Because this album was written in a short time with a lot of anger, and then recorded live in a few days, it adds a real crazy vibe to the music. It’s almost like we were able to catch the bestiality of a live show of Necrowretch and to put it into a studio recording. Also, the line up is the best we ever had, the sound of the studio, the great mixing… The insane artwork, etc… Every inch of this release is the perfection in term of Necrowretch history.

How can you make a difference of this album compared to your two previous recordings?

Vlad : There is just no comparison possible, because the last album was not written and recorded at the same period of my life and personal struggles… Behind the music, what you have in mind at the moment of the composition and recording is also very important. I think that if everything is fine in your life, then extreme metal is not for you and you cannot write it…

Why you guys left Century Media? Can you tell us why you decided to move and also, to choose Season Of Mist as your current home.

Vlad : Our collaboration with Century Media reached its end when we saw some divergences for the future of the band. So we chose to “get back home” and inked deal with French label Season of Mist. It’s better for us to work with people closer and more dedicated to Necrowretch. And for now, this unholy alliance is doing very good !

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What about the experience you had absorbed in the last years, while recording, writing and producing your own music. What type of good and bad experiences can you tell us about this type of work? Are you producing your own music 100%? or do you still need help from certain producers/friends/music related people?

Vlad : I’m writing every single note, from the very beginning, from guitars, to bass, drums… But I have close friends who help me with lyrics every time, because I’m not such a good lyrics writer, ahaha… In the early days I was just jamming with myself and finding one riff from here and there… That was a very long process. Now I’m more able to sit into a chair with my guitar and say “let’s write a song !”, of course this can be done in a few days, but sometimes it’s longer and it takes one month ….

is there any chance to obtain in any format any of your early releases? Per instance, your first compilation released by Detest?

Vlad : We released a CD compilation BESTIAL RITES , in which you can find all the material released between 2009 and 2012.

Tell us about the plans you guys have for this upcoming months?

Vlad : Play as many live shows, festival tours as possible… Release a videoclip… Invade every inch of this earth, including YOUR PLACE!!!

How involved are you into the music scene? Are you buying stuff from other bands? trading? contacting many zine editors, label, distros? Or do you guys have some friends helping you in these matters?

Vlad : I’m trading from time to time, but only with bands I really wish to help and support. Because there are so many bands today, I prefer to focus on a few ones and really support them instead of listening to everything.

Should band members deal directly with fans too? Positive and negative things about it?

Vlad : I like it, I think it adds a very special link to the music when you listen to it.. But sometimes fans can go too far and invade your private life as well.

How aware are you about the current South American vibe? Especially in Chile. Do you keep contact with some other Chilean media, bands or fans?

Vlad : We are fanatics of south American metal, bands like Sepultura, Mortem, Anal Vomit, Hadez… They are the stones of Necrowretch’s monolith. We’ve done some trade with Chilean bands in the past such as Horrifying, Demonic Rage… We also shared a stage with Pentagram in London… And we also worked with the very talented Nekronikon for the artwork of our new album.

Tell us where and how the death metal followers can obtain your merchandise.

Vlad : Just send email to Facebook, or to necrowretch@gmail.com

Your final comments to the cursed NECROWRETCH fans.

Vlad : Thanks for your endless support ! HAIL SATAN !!


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